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Day Two

I know some of you may read through my food journal and see my paleo muffins and banana “ice cream” and think, “Hey, that’s not allowed on Whole30!”

My last Whole30 (which I might just refer to as my Whole23) I was pretty strict for the first two weeks. I hit a point where I was miserable and thought about quitting. We took the kids to Panera for a treat and I sat there watching everyone eating baked goodies. At that point I had to make a decision. Do I cheat with gluten and sugar or cheat with a paleofied baked good? I was happy with my choice and I am sure my stomach was too.

I know my relationship with food is emotional. Especially if I get bored. I typically snack on crackers, pretzels, or chips. I hardly ever crave a muffin so making paleo muffins for breakfasts when I can’t take another egg is a choice I have made. If that makes my Whole30 a Paleo30 then that is ok with me 🙂 And I need to keep myself from getting bored!

Food Diary – 7/27/12

Breakfast – Coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil

Lunch – 2 Applegate Farms hot dogs (one was not enough yesterday) and broccoli

Snack – Paleo banana muffin, carrot sticks, egg white

Dinner – Pork Chops, brussell sprouts

Snack – Banana