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Day Two

I know some of you may read through my food journal and see my paleo muffins and banana “ice cream” and think, “Hey, that’s not allowed on Whole30!”

My last Whole30 (which I might just refer to as my Whole23) I was pretty strict for the first two weeks. I hit a point where I was miserable and thought about quitting. We took the kids to Panera for a treat and I sat there watching everyone eating baked goodies. At that point I had to make a decision. Do I cheat with gluten and sugar or cheat with a paleofied baked good? I was happy with my choice and I am sure my stomach was too.

I know my relationship with food is emotional. Especially if I get bored. I typically snack on crackers, pretzels, or chips. I hardly ever crave a muffin so making paleo muffins for breakfasts when I can’t take another egg is a choice I have made. If that makes my Whole30 a Paleo30 then that is ok with me ūüôā And I need to keep myself from getting bored!

Food Diary – 7/27/12

Breakfast – Coffee with coconut milk, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil

Lunch – 2 Applegate Farms hot dogs (one was not enough yesterday) and broccoli

Snack – Paleo banana muffin, carrot sticks, egg white

Dinner – Pork Chops, brussell sprouts

Snack РBanana


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Day One

It’s the morning of day one and I am enjoying my coffee with coconut milk and thinking about all the different challenges ahead of me.¬† Whole30 itself isn’t hard, but for me its the events that come up where I struggle. Of course it seems I have a ton in the next 30 days. I am a little anxious about it, but confident that I make it through.

7/29 – I am hosting a Pampered Chef party. This includes a cooking show with foods that are not Whole30 compliant. My game plan is to put out a veggie platter and eat some fresh vegetables if I am hungry or have the urge to snack. Oh and I am totally getting the salad spinner ūüėČ

7/11, 7/17, 7/25 – Weddings!! I am a wedding photographer and shooting weddings means a nice fancy dinner. This is a tough one for me. I am on my feet most of the day with little time to eat. By the time dinner is served I am famished. My plan is to pack a dinner. Of course there are no microwaves for a warm meal so I will have to be a little more creative. I was thinking of making coconut flour torillas and making a wrap with some sliced turkey and veggies.

One thing I learned about Whole30 the last time I was on it is that it’s not hard, but it does require some thought and planning to be sucessful. Since I decided last night that I was starting today, I didn’t have much time to plan out my meals for the rest of the week. Today and tomorrow might be a struggle, but I do have enough Whole30 meals around the house where I know I will do ok.

Food Diary Р 7/26/12

Breakfast: Coffee with coconut milk and paleo banana muffins

Lunch: Applegate Farms hot dog and green beans

Snack: No sugar added applesauce, hard boiled egg white, and carrot sticks

Dinner: Baked chicken breast and cauliflower

Snack: Pureed frozen bananas

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Gearing up for Round Three

I had first heard about Whole30/Paleo back in January. The diet sparked my interest mainly from hearing about all the weight people had lost on it. I was still hanging onto baby weight from my daughter who was just about to turn one. Once I read the list of what I could and could not eat my first thought was “yeah right.” I was a certified carb junky and thought there was no way I would ever be able to follow the guidelines. So I continued to count calories and did lose some weight.

Even though my weight was going down I just felt like crap all the time. Everything I ate made me feel sick. There was one day in May when I was so sick after eating lunch and I started to think about Whole30. I remembered that more than losing weight, the diet was about healing and feeling better. So I read through the guidelines again. I read about why Whole30 was a great diet and read through all the testimonials. It was scary, but I decided I had to try it. I wanted to feel better.

My first try lasted 4 days. I got bad news from my doctor, I was depressed and went to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and donut. Back to emotional eating.

I started again June 11th, with the idea that my 30 days would be up the day before vacation, so I could eat whatever I wanted when we went away. I made it to 23 days. Let me tell you, I have never felt so good in a long time. Before Whole30 I complained constantly about my stomach, head, or chest bothering me. By the end of week one I felt great. I started to worry about vacation because you are supposed to introduce foods back in one at a time and see how they affect you. I made the decision to add them back in before we left. I seemed to be ok. Dairy made my chest hurt a bit. Gluten made me bloated.

So on vacation I ate like crap.. and boy did I feel like crap. There were a few days I was so sick I just laid in bed. I was resentful of Whole30 and thought it made my body stop tolerating foods I used to love. I know that is probably not true and I was simply more aware of how crappy I was feeling after feeling so good.

So we are home from vacation and even though I am not being a carb junky like I was in the past, but I am really not eating that great and my relationship with food is still horrible. I have been debating starting another Whole30 and making it a life changer this time.

So after yet another crummy doctor’s appointment yesterday I decided that I am ready. I am ready to commit to THIRTY days. I am ready to make big changes in how I feel and with my relationship with food. So I am gearing up to start ASAP. Round three starts tomorrow (although I am starting RIGHT NOW.) Wish me luck and feel free to follow along my Paleo journey.